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SpeakEasy Teleprompt has a complete range of On-Camera prompters: standard 15", LCD HiBright flat-screens, or ‘baby -cues’ - suitable for film, video broadcast or professional cameras – to fit any tripod, steadicam, crane or hand-held camera – in all situations, from television studios, or corporate environments, to challenging outside locations. We can also supply monitors with adjustable stands for interviews.

The Difference
Our point of difference lies in our commitment to service, from initial contact, right through to job completion. We provide only dedicated, highly-trained operators who understand that their role is to be totally supportive but at the same time, discreet.

We guarantee all of our work and are proud to say that many of Australia’s largest organisations such as Macquarie Bank, Caltex, Commonwealth Bank, Foxtel and Toyota Australia and many others see us as the premier teleprompting company in Australia. We also assist many international companies on productions in the Asia Pacific.

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